CPRMentor goes Android

Extransit has ported and optimised the existing CPRMentor to Android device. For more information and http://www.hlrimobilen.se

TAGS: User interface R&D, Interactive education

Want to increase your reading speed?

Extransit have developed a interactive traing module for Aschehoug called Pageturner. Detect you reading speed (if you can read Norwegian that is) at http://www.pageturner.no/

TAGS: User interface R&D, Interactive education

Nokia + Bezzerwizzer + Extransit

If you are thinking of buying a new Nokia device, the Danish version comes pre-installed with a quiz game from Bezzerwizzer, developed by Extransit. If you have another device, just buy it from Ovistore.

TAGS: Games and amusement

CPRMentor in Dutch

CPRMentor is now avaible in Dutch, English and Swedish. Application is developed for Mobiverus in Sweden.

TAGS: Interactive education

New website for Söderslätt (in the south part of Sweden)

Extransit, have made the technical solution for SeSoderslatt, including a Flexbased video player and a lightweight CMS system. Visit the site and have a look at the lovely videos and photos. Nice design by http://www.bco.se

TAGS: Business interactivity

Donald, Kalle Anka and Anders And, the most downloaded mobile marketing game in scandinavia ever.

Togehter with our Danish partner Portaplay we delivered the most downloaded mobile marketing game in scandinavia ever.

TAGS: Games and amusement

Want to go fishing in the northern sea?

Try the new fishingmanager over at Hirsthals in Denmark

TAGS: Interactive education, Real-world interaction

New exibition hall is under contruction

As you can see, there is a lot going on in Hirsthals, Denmark. Extransit will deliver a fishingmanager game to the museum.

TAGS: Interactive education

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