Extransit Mobile Interaction Suite uses a unique mobile client/server based technology to provide multi-user applications that runs on a server and are used from mobile devices.

The Extransit concept

Read about the unique concept of Extransit Mobile Interaction Suite, and it’s components.

Main features

Extransit Mobile Interaction Suite comes packed with features , that makes the design process an easy task, and the end user experience great.

Extransit compared with other solutions

There are many ways of providing a mobile service; from WAP pages to writing your own software. Read about the advantages of Extransit Mobile Interaction Suite compared to the different alternatives .

Hardware requirements

What are the requirements to install and use the server and development studio, and what are the target devices for the mobile client.


Extransit Mobile Interaction Suite is an all-in-one solution thatĀ provides a quick way to get up and running when designing new applications, as well as when “mobilizing” existing ones. Read about the product and it’s benefits in the products section.

When do I use it?

The suiteĀ is useful for almost any kind of on-line mobile application, such as news readers, chats, financial services, gaming, search engines etc. Some use-cases are explained in the intro section.

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